近年来,超过2亿英镑的投资将米德尔塞克斯大学转变为伦敦最大和最好的大学之一. 现代化图书馆, state-of-the-art biomedical and technology labs, dedicated classrooms and lecture theatres for business and law, 高端电视制作工作室和最好的艺术和设计工作室只是米德尔塞克斯学生可以使用的一些设施.






The five-storey building boasts a number of innovations, 包括3,科技学院新增300平方米的教学空间, and the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries.

With environmental sustainability at its heart, the Ritterman building features solar panels, a bio-diverse green roof and four living walls growing over 3,500 plants – the largest of its kind in Barnet!

该建筑以珍妮特·里特曼夫人的名字命名,并于2017年2月由她正式开放. 珍妮特爵士在高等教育领域的第一个职位是在米德尔塞克斯大学,她于1975年加入那里的工作人员. She is now the University's Chancellor.


米德尔塞克斯有8个大号的, 现代化的演讲厅可容纳100至350名学生,并配备了最好的多媒体技术. 内置的电脑, visualiser, 蓝光播放器, 无线网络, 环绕立体声可以确保教育工作者拥有讲课所需的一切. 365真网址的五个演讲厅配备了双图像投影技术,所有都有中继图像监视器和天花板扬声器,使声音分布均匀.



Middlesex University has an impressive 74 centrally bookable seminar rooms. 教室配备了新的家具和与365真网址的演讲厅相同的高标准音响设备. Wall-mounted whiteboards are available in all seminar rooms.

We also have 11 centrally bookable micro-labs, where students can use computers as part of their seminar.

米德尔塞克斯提供广泛的, flexible library services that can be accessed on-campus, 或者无论你身在何处.

The Sheppard 图书馆 houses an enormous collection of hard copy resources, 还有365真网址30个人中的绝大多数,000 full text journals are available online. 在谢帕德图书馆和威廉姆斯大楼也有很多安静的和小组学习空间供你使用.

Some of the excellent services provided by the library are:


在米德尔塞克斯学习的每个模块都将免费获得核心教材的电子版. 这本电子书将由模块负责人选择,以确保每个学生都能获得他们需要的关键信息.

Your e-books can be downloaded onto your laptop, 桌面, 平板电脑或智能手机, meaning you can access them anywhere, 线上或线下. The e-books also allow both students and lecturers to highlight, annotate and share sections of the text, making collaborative work faster and more flexible.

"The e-books provided by Middlesex have made being a student so much easier. 我不再为在图书馆里弄到几本核心教科书而苦苦挣扎,也不再为每本书只使用几个章节而支付昂贵的价格. 最重要的是, 携带笨重书籍的负担已经减轻到只需在平板电脑或手机上打开一个应用程序. The initiative has revolutionised the way students interact with educational materials."

Inayat Patel,营销文学士


All printing and photocopying for academic purposes is free of charge, and can be done at any printer on campus using your student ID card.


During term time the library never closes, 所以,如果你正在为最后期限而挣扎,或者只是需要一个安静的地方来放松一下, you'll always have somewhere to work.


24 hour laptop loan is available free of charge from several locations on campus. The laptops have full 桌面 software, printing functionality and wi-fi. They can be used on or off campus and can also be borrowed over the weekend.


365真网址敬业的图书馆员团队, 学术顾问和IT专家随时为你提供帮助,从参考书籍到在线提交作业.

学术写作和语言协调员可以在论文写作等领域提供指导, giving presentations and planning your dissertation. Simply make an appointment or turn up to a drop-in session for help from the experts.


We are continually updating our IT facilities, 确保365真网址的学生拥有最好和最新的电脑和软件. As a Middlesex student you will have access to hundreds of PCs and Macs on-campus, 并且在校园的所有区域开放免费WiFi,这样你就可以在个人电脑和移动设备上工作. Printing and photocopying is free for university work, 并会有专业资讯科技人员为你提供电脑及软件使用方面的指导及培训, as well as web support to help resolve any queries you may have.

365真网址每个工作日都在Sheppard图书馆提供IT访问会议,学生可以在没有预约的情况下走进图书馆寻求IT支持. 365真网址还为应用程序和软件提供一对一和小组IT培训课程,可通过365真网址的预约系统预订. 一项非常受欢迎的服务是为学生提供免费的“笔记本电脑租借”服务,你可以在一周中借用一天或整个周末借用笔记本电脑. The laptops have full 桌面 software installed, printing functionality and can be used on or off campus. 学生可以通过亨顿校区的笔记本电脑柜直接使用这项服务.


EduroamMiddlesex University is now providing an eduroam service for its users and visitors from participating sites. 这是一项免费的无线服务,允许用户在大学可接受的使用政策范围内使用自己的证书访问互联网.

食物 & 喝


MDX House是365真网址的主要饮食中心,在这里你可以找到像赛百味和棒约翰这样的高街品牌. 除了, 365真网址的Streat Counter提供每周更换的菜单,提供各种国际和健康的食物, and our Wings N Things serves Halal chicken.

Within MDX House you can also find the MDX Bar, a vibrant social space with state of the art sound system, 分区音乐控制, 照明平台, booth seating and an outdoor decked area. 它是聚会朋友或度过一个放松的夜晚的完美选择,享受他们全年举办的许多游戏或活动之夜.

爱你的咖啡? You can take your pick from the variety of coffee shops available such as Costa, 星巴克, Joes, 和混合 & Grind all offering a great choice in sandwiches, pastries and hot snacks. Or if you're wanting an on the go snack or late night refreshment, we have plenty of vending machines across the campus to meet your needs.

从教堂路和布伦特街步行几分钟,就有许多餐馆和商店,满足各种口味和预算. You will find Italian, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, to name a few. There are also plenty of Halal and Kosher options. 别忘了去商业街的Cost Cutter,如果你出示MDX学生卡或员工卡,你可以得到10%的折扣.


在米德尔塞克斯大学, 365真网址致力提供多元化的体育活动,并与多个本地社区体育俱乐部建立了联系. 365真网址鼓励学生参与这些机会,并与体育俱乐部直接联系.

Real Tennis is a fun, little-known, fast-paced, highly enjoyable sport. Housed in our state-of-the-art 'Millennium Court', this sports activity is the forerunner to the modern game of lawn tennis. Gifted to Middlesex University by the Luck Hille Foundation in 2000, this prestigious court is one of only very few in the country.

We have some impressive 3G pitches and Multi Activity Courts on site, which are available for hire by students, 工作人员和当地社区. We also have free parking on site which is available to all from 4.周一到周五和整个周末晚上30点.


  • 健身舱,拥有全面的最新抗阻和心血管设备. Includes a specialist strength and conditioning area.
  • Fitness Studio which houses an exciting range of fitness classes from Aerobics to Zumba.
  • 2x 3G 7-A-Side football pitches available for hire
  • 3个露天泛光灯球场, with markings and posts for tennis, 篮球, 无挡板篮球和五人制足球. Cricket nets also available on one of the courts.
  • Bouldering wall, located on the 3G pitch
  • We also have our very own Real Tennis Court on site.

The Fitness Pod at Middlesex University

The Fitness Pod gym and changing facilities have recently been completely refurbished. The updated gym has the latest equipment by market leaders Pulse Fitness, 结合了令人兴奋的新型多功能钻机以及365真网址更新的静态机器和自由重量区域. The changing facilities in MDX House have also been refurbished with new showers, 储物柜和梳妆台.

The Fitness Pod is our fitness facility right here on campus. 365真网址提供无入会费、无合同、无麻烦的会员资格,最低每月仅12英镑. We have a variety of flexible membership options, so there's something for everyone.

A complementary range of therapies and treatments are available to students, 包括按摩, 以及个人训练, 休闲课程等.


  • 星期一至星期五.45am -10.00pm
  • 周末9.00am - 5.00pm
  • Ladies only Mondays and Thursdays 10.00 - 11.00am